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What is Papel?
Papel is a unique editor which is designed to provide an intuitive workspace for creative writers. It enables you to visually arrange the components of your story, and quickly edit them without the need to open files.
Papels are iconic types which you create in a workspace, name and describe, open for editing, move around, group, link together, merge, compile, and rearrange as you wish. Moving around your writing project is easy: the workspace size is user definable, and it can be grab-scrolled with the mouse. The papel icons and types can be defined in a Theme, so you can create whatever kind of writing project you choose. Papel also includes nine languages besides English.
Try It And See
To understand how different Papel is, you have to use it. Once you've added some work to a project, and you have flashes of inspiration and keep adding bits here and there, you'll see how well Papel manages it all. You'll also find that it doesn't break your creative moods, but actually promotes them by making it easy for the rational side of your mind to stay quietly out of the way.
(Please note that the screen shots were captured using Windows Classic theme. Papel will look as your Windows does when using a standard XP theme, etc).
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